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Entry #1

.:Into Cold:.

2009-02-15 08:55:39 by gOrc

Hey Newgrounds!

Ok it has been a few weeks since my last submission now. After the tests at the university I took myself some time for composing a new piece. As always I grab my e-guitar and was improving over different harmonies. I wanted to make something more epic this time so I was looking back in time when I went to an island in Denmark. To walk along the huge windy beaches there was really something for the soul. It was a cold day in autumn and a lonely one for sure.

This is for everyone who hadn't got a valentine at valentines day. The darker days might become a bit brighter when you search comforting in music.
And thanks everyone who left me reviews at my older pieces!


.:Into  Cold:.


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2009-02-25 12:19:33

Best imagery in a song I've ever heard on Newgrounds. Simply beyond amazing sir.