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Think again.


what you can experience now are many different reactions to the thesis you just visualized. There are people that totally believe in all this without even checking the links you posted or reading any sort of book related to the topics you put a light on - no matter if scientific or spiritual.
There are people totally upset and angry that your way of talking about scientific or historical matters isn't proofed in a proper way, forgetting about that you never had the intention to create something as correct as a doctoral thesis.
And of course there are people who started thinking about their lifes as you show them, there's always an alternative way of experiencing their enviroments.

For my part, I want you to think again, cause you seemed extremely seriously about what you say in your episodes. There's always a healthy amount of scepticism. Question all those guru's and guides until they are showing you a proof you can experience with all your sins not just with your fantasy. The simplier their answers are, the simplier were your questions.

Nicely done.

It makes me want to go outside. Now!

I love you.

Sometimes you are the dog, sometimes you are the tree.

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...the first thing I created was alcohol. Says a lot about me.

"Reach the ende with no accidents!"

Are you serious? I had 478 accidents xD It was very entertaining anyways I kinda like these retro games, but you could've been more detailed in the enviroment design. It's looking bit boring with the time.

nice idea

the hole concept of it made me laugh. all in all a punch in the face for all those achievment kiddos. cheers!

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Really like this one here! The way it builds up and get quiet every now and then is very beautyful. I also love the harmonics and the way the high notes are played carefully. You made that piano speak and this is what music is all about.

Keep it up.

good work!

I really liked it! The sudden ending and some minor instrumental imbalancing (string detache at 00:35 too loud) could be fixed to make it better though. Keep it up sound quality is amazing.


A musicians biggest quest is to gain the ability to speak through his/her instrument. I think your language is rich and honest, therefore this piece has been favourised.

MrMusicalLion responds:

Thankyou :) I agree music is a language and I try to broaden my understanding of that language every moment that I am playing with my instrument.

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good imagination there are lot's of ideas in it. only some of the straight lines seemed a bit out of their way. when you are working with geometric srictness like in the two patterns, it would be better to keep the lines accurate. keep it up!

CptBeefcake responds:

thanks for the comment, i agree that the rigid grids do conflict with the flow of the wires and lines, especially the one juxtaposed behind the tree. I'll keep it in mind if I ever reattempt this sort of thing.

I don't mean to sell out my art to you but if you're interested check out the other drawing I did of a tree. It is just a line contour of the tree and surrounding rocks and landscape, I think it improves a little on this but it still has some of the same problems


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