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::Dead Memories::

2009-07-18 14:46:59 by gOrc

So, after the exams at university I found some time to submit something new. I put a lot of effort and time into it and hope you'll enjoy it.
Gravey showed me some great samples for orchestration and I used them for this piece.

Please leave me some comments, I need the feedback cause I am new in the orchestral music and still got a lot of things to learn. It would be helpful if you support me with your opinion!



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2010-01-07 22:07:54

This is impossible man! why is it that one of the most awesome music compositioners on newgrounds doesnt get 1 comment?? its unheard of I say! sorry for the lateness on this comment but, that composition was awesome and you need to make more! you got the stuff! you got the gift! use your talent to the fullest! peace out


2011-02-16 01:25:11

Dude, where can I get your new stuff... if you make any. Your stuff is awesome, link us to your website. :D