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Back with two new compositions!

2011-06-18 05:27:24 by gOrc

Hey Newgrounds!

After a long time I felt like visiting newgrounds again and look what all the artists submited in the last year. I made quite a bit new compositions - two of them I will upload here. For a reason the mic quality is not as good as it used to be, but I will fix that in the upcoming days. Give me your feedback if you feel so, I will appreciate it. Maybe you feel like telling me your imaginery with the songs, too.



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2011-06-24 13:09:15

Oh my god, YES. I am really excited for you man, and have always wanted to chat with you! I saw your post in the signup thread and was like NO WAY.

gOrc responds:

Thanks man ^^ I'm pretty excited for the competition, too. I'm going to put a lot of effort in it.


2011-08-01 17:17:17

gOrc! You're back!
Remember me? I was MH16.. then Mussirus and now FairSquare :p
But yeah, i'm glad your back. I'm listening to The Half Moon as i'm typing this and i must say.. i can still recognize your style after all this time.
You know, i haven't wrote a story/poem review for a while.. maybe this is the time to do it once again. For you and your awesome music :)

gOrc responds:

Hey, nice to hear from you again! It would be great to get another poem of yours, feel free to write ^^ Do you join FatKid's Newgrounds CD-Collab yet? I remember you making great music, so you could give it a try.


2011-08-11 10:57:28

Nah, i don't consider myself good enough for that.
Besides, i'm in the NG Audio Deathmatch contest and i'm having trouble to get my song done in time. So if i have to make a song next to that one.. pffft :p
Anyway, i promise i'll do a story or poem soon on one of your songs. Don't know when exactly, but it'll be there eventually :)