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Entry #8

Still making music - on SoundCloud

2014-01-11 12:13:28 by gOrc

Hey Newgrounders!

Been through some changes the last 3 years and my creative output was very little.. Last year I got a new job, a new perspective and grew personal on different levels, so that a huge amount of inspirational energy was kicking in throughout the last weeks. I made a SoundCloud account and keep it updated. Right now, I am working on an album which will hopefully be ready this year, but I can't promise anything right now.

If you like to follow my progress feel free to add me on SoundCloud - I really have not that much attention there right now, but I am workng on it =D

How are you, by the way? Hope to hear some of your stories and wonder who is still active around here.


Best Regards


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